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January 4th, 2007 • 8:57pm


 Tanaka-sensei here. I know finals are coming up, and as a teacher of the only Social Development classes in the school, I thought I'd allow an opportunity for student bonding and benefiting the community rather than a written test. If you would like to skip the written final, please reply to this bulletin by signing your name below. This is a sign-up sheet for a volunteer project I've organized; on the out-skirts of town, there's a construction company ready to tear down a 100-year old home. I spoke recently to the construction company, and they are willing to wait off of tearing down the home if the house is made suitable for living. 

So here's the proposal: if you would like to skip taking the final and instead spend the weekend of the 19-21 (that would be Friday to Sunday) remodeling the home, please sign up for the volunteer project. Unfortunately, I will not be able to supervise the project, so I will be trusting you students implicitly to behave and represent our high school well. 

(( OOC TIME! Basically, if you would like to participate in the January event, just have your character reply to this post by the 14th of January. No if's, and's, or but's. The students will be separated into three or two teams, depending on how many participants we get... one team for each story of the house. These teams will be randomly decided, so much fun will occur. XDD And yes, it'll be an open log for a month. ^__^ So what're you waiting for?! Sign up! ))

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December Event [
December 13th, 2006 • 5:30am


Every year, Odaiba High School is proud to host a Winter Festival to allow each club to raise money for its activities until the next festival. This year it takes place on the 20th; the school would like a representative from each club to reply to this post with what kind of booth/fundraiser their club would like to have at the festival.

An Example:
Knitting Club: Arts & Crafts booth selling blankets, scarves, and other woolens.

This festival takes place during a normal schoolday and takes up the remainder of the day after second period. Students are encouraged to have a good time as long as they follow school rules.

Computer Club: A booth selling pirated original flash games and programs.
Anime Club: Prints and doujinshi made by members being sold; also, they also have a "Test Your Strength" mallet game where you can win Totoro plushies.
Music Club: A booth selling band t-shirts, cds, and showcasing several members' talents (but not Yamato's, sorry).
Cooking Club: A wide variety of treats, including cakes, noodles, and chocolate onigiri (riceballs).
Garden Club: Packets of flower seeds and bunches of mistletoe are being sold here. ^_~
Photography Club: Photo prints and a place where you can get photographed and they will digitally impose some sort of background of your choice.
Sports Club: A number of carnival games, such as: throwing balls at a pyramid of milk bottles and trying to knock them down, a basketball game, and a game where you have to kick the soccer ball past the cardboard goalie. Prizes are stuffed animals of cats, puppies, and teddybears.
Yamato Ishida Fanclub: A kissing booth. With guess who.
Astronomy Club: Get your future told by an analysis of the stars! Creative Writing Club: Selling self-published books including work by all members and extra-credit from all English and Literature teachers if you recite a poem at the open mike.
Art Club: White mocchi filled with red beans, painted with edible food coloring. Yay for color! 

The log will be posted on the afternoon of Dec. 20 and will be open to the 23, where it will be closed. Afterwards, the characters are allowed to post about in their journals as if it all occurred on the 20th. Have fun, kids.

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Band Concert on the 10th [
December 9th, 2006 • 1:49am


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Co-mod entry. [
November 29th, 2006 • 8:05pm

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I would like to inform the members (Characters) of the RPG o_O to not to add the characters as friends through your personal journal. It brings confusion to the new members (They probably don't know if you're part of the RP or not...so, yeah), so refrain yourself from adding the characters with your personal journal, mkay? You can join the community (only this one) with your personal journal to have yourself up to date with things :3.

I will make who is who on the Shukumei RP profile later today. -_- I am pretty sick, so I need to take some rest.

Anywayzzzz, have a nice day.

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Application [
November 26th, 2006 • 11:02pm


Applications are to be sent via comment on this post. Don't worry, it's screened so people can't see your applications. XD


Name: Ishida Yamato
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Digidestined or Original: Digidestined!
If Digidestined, what Crest do they have?: Friendship
Background [to make sure you know the character; remember to keep it canon if this is a character from the series!]: Yamato Ishida grew up quite happily with his father and mother and little brother, Takeru; however, they divorced around when Yamato was six. Their fights and the separation from Takeru emotionally scarred Yamato, leaving him to feel very resentful towards his parents.... Etc., etc. Please be detailed.
Personality: Yamato is very sensitive, loyal, and rebellious. He has a lot of pent-up anger because of his parents’ divorce, feeling it was his fault. Blah, blah, blah. You get it. Be detailed.
First-Person Post [LJ]: Give me an example of an lj entry. "Today I ran over a dog", etc. This must be two five-sentence paragraphes.
Third-Person Post [LOG]: RP classic. "Yamato strummed his guitar, gazing out the window with his blue eyes and wondering if the day would ever end," etc. Your example of this must be at least two paragraphes long, each paragraph being at least five sentences.
Physical Appearance: Tall, slim, and blonde. Blue-eyed. Etc, etc. Be detailed.
Classes: [ Write down the six classes they want here, and if we accept you, we’ll send you their schedule to post on their lj. :3 Available classes are listed here. ]
Email Address: Where can we contact you to tell you you're accepted? XD
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Classes & Scheduling [
November 26th, 2006 • 10:54pm

Each enrolling student must choose up to six classes, five being from the English, History, Science, and Mathematics department, and either the Extracurriculars or Sports. You may take two classes from either the language, the extracurricular, or sport columns, but no two classes from the same department. Clubs occur afterschool. All students are required to take a Social Development class which mixes up all grades and serves as a seventh class. School is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and lunch is during the same time for all students. 

The possible classes are listed below. If you think another class should be added, leave a comment on this post and we'll get to it as soon as possible.

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Taken Characters & Friend List [
November 26th, 2006 • 10:40pm


s in Before you apply, make sure you check as to whether that character is available for the taking! Original characters are also accepted and loved :3 So you can always send those in as well.

Taken Characters

Once you are sent an accepted e-mail, make your character lj and comment here so we can add you to the friend list and update this entry; also please go to the admin console and enter what is listed below.

If you have any questions, ask a mod! :D

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